Ourmoe - Allowed Modifications / Minecraft


Minecraft modifications are a large part of the Minecraft experience for many players, with modifications ranging from small performance and visual improvements right through to gameplay-altering ones. As Minecraft modifications provide such a wide range of functionality, not all modifications are permitted to be used on our server. This guide outlines what types of modifications we do allow on the server.

Important Notes

Please be aware that once you use Minecraft mods on our server, you will bear the risks associated with using Minecraft mods. Make sure you have carefully read, fully understood, and unreservedly accepted this regulation before using Minecraft mods on our server.

This regulation cannot cover all Minecraft mods, and it cannot guarantee that any mod complies with Ourmoe community rules. If a Minecraft mod does not belong to any of the types listed below, it is assumed to not be allowed for use on our server.

All Minecraft mods you install should be obtained from official sources provided by the mod, such as the developer's personal website, GitHub, CurseForge, and Modrinth. Mods obtained from unofficial sources may not work as described by the mod's official information, may contain bugs or undisclosed features (which could result in penalties on our server), and may even contain malicious content (such as viruses, spyware, etc.).

If we find that a community member is using mod types explicitly prohibited by this regulation, that community member will be permanently banned from the Ourmoe and its associated servers. All permissions within the Ourmoe will be revoked, and the member's information will be recorded in the Ourmoe's internal blacklist.

Due to regulatory, protective, and gameplay reasons, we may prohibit players from logging into and playing on Losenone's open servers using certain Minecraft mod loaders (including but not limited to Forge, Fabric, LiteLoader, Rift, Quilt, and NeoForge), Minecraft first-party clients, and third-party clients (including but not limited to Badlion Client, Lunar Client).

Allowed Types of Mods

Optimization Mods
Mods that improve the performance of the Minecraft client, but do not include modifications to Minecraft itself.
Examples: OptiFine, Lithium, Sodium, Phosphor, VulkanMod, etc.

Aesthetic Mods
Mods that change the visual and auditory experience of Minecraft, but do not include modifications that alter gameplay.
Examples: ItemPhysic, Shoulder Surfing, Dynamic Surroundings, etc.

Information Interface Mods
Mods that add visual information interfaces to the client (such as crafting tables, health bars, maps, durability indicators, and potion effects), but do not include information that is not normally available to players.
Examples: Just Enough Items, Journey Map, AppleSkin, Durability Viewer, Hwyla, etc.

Convenience Mods
Mods that provide convenient functions (such as inventory sorting, quick gestures, high-resolution screenshots, etc.), but do not provide unfair advantages to players.
Examples: Inventory Tweaks, Mouse Tweaks, Replay, etc.

Prohibited Types of Mods

Cheat Mods
Mods that provide cheating features (such as X-ray vision, wall hacks, flight, and kill auras), which give players an unfair advantage.

AI Mods
Mods that provide artificial intelligence and automation features are prohibited, as they give players an unfair advantage.

Free-Cam Mods
Mods that provide free-camera or out-of-body observer mode are prohibited, as they give players an unfair advantage.
Examples: Tweakeroo, FreeCam, etc.

Map Seed Calculation Mods
Mods that provide map seed calculation functions are prohibited, as they give players an unfair advantage.